Sharing Our Journey

Allene and I have decided to start this blog in order to share our journey of parenting our granddaughter, Sebellah.  We started our journey in March of 2015, when we decided to temporarily provide respite for Sebellah, who was 4 months old at the time.  Our March experience lasted a few weeks, but in April, we decided that she needed to stay with us indefinitely.  Well, the indefiniteness turned into a 3 year experience, that finally ended with the opportunity to adopt her.  We officially adopted her on May 11th of this year, 2018.

We hope to share our own experience, as well as share resources with other people in similar situations.  We are also in the process of setting up a support group in the Prescott area for grandparents raising their grandchildren.  I am meeting tomorrow with a representative of NACOG to discuss how we can work together to get such a support group started.

Sebellah and I are literally starting a “Journey” of our own, on July 21st.  We will be heading out in our motorhome, to Walt Disney World.  We are meeting one of our sons and his family.  Sebellah and I will be making the journey there by ourselves and Allene will be joining us at Disneyworld and then joining us for our return trip.  We will also be doing a couple of beach adventures in Destin, Florida and Galveston, Texas.  I hope to share part of our journey through this blog.

I appreciate your taking the opportunity to read this and please feel free to share this blog link with anyone who may benefit from the information and support.

Sharing the journey,